Connock & Lockie Bespoke

Crafted individually

The word “bespoke” derives from the Old English word bisprecan, meaning to speak up or speak out. Today, it describes the process of crafting an object or delivering a service that is expressly designed to the client’s desire.

At Connock & Lockie, we appreciate that the bespoke process can be daunting especially to those new to it. We collaborate with each client to translate their initial garment concept onto cloth, providing guidance all the way through to the finished product.

Each garment starts its life as a unique paper pattern drafted based on measurements we take inhouse. Once a pattern is created, the cloth is cut accordingly and loosely stitched together to form a baste for the first fitting. A baste fitting allows for changes to be made with ease. When the tailor and client are satisfied, the baste is passed into the expert hands of coat makers, trouser makers and waistcoat makers who finish the garment.

There will be several fittings throughout the process, and the paper pattern will be altered with every change on the garment.

Given the labour-intensive nature of bespoke tailoring, we expect to deliver a finished garment a minimum of 12 weeks from commissioning.

Connock & Lockie garments are made to last. A hand-canvassed construction allows our coat and jackets to mould to the wearer’s physique over time. We also leave generous amounts of inlays in our garments for future adjustments.

Our garments should only be dry cleaned when absolutely necessary as modern dry cleaning techniques tend to deprive fabrics of its natural oils. For minor soiling and wear, we recommend and provide a sponge-and-press service that not only loosens dust and grime, but also restores a garment’s shape.